Because OICC is on a small island with only a few churches, we chose to become a community church so we could serve people from a wide variety of backgrounds. 

To maintain our unity we strive to follow the words:

In essentials unity

In non-essentials liberty

In all things charity.

We also operate under the following beliefs as outlined in our bylaws.


We believe that Jesus is God’s living revelation of Himself and that to know God we must know Jesus. Jesus himself said he was the way and the Son of God. While we respect everyone’s right to beliefs of their own, we don’t believe that every belief is right. God has a right to pick His own method of coming to Him, and He has.


We believe that the root problem of life as a human is the problem of sin and the resulting separation from God. While psychological and physical problems are real and have solutions, behind life’s problems we can find the issue of sin against God, whether general affects or specific to the individual.


We believe that Jesus died on the cross to take our guilt on Himself so that by our faith in Him we can be free from the guilt and alienation that goes with sin. Not only does this free us to know God and have eternal life, but also it frees us from the power of sin to control our attitudes and actions. If we are willing, we can live each day in victory and joy.

Holy Spirit: 

We believe that the Holy Spirit gives gifts and abilities and that every man, woman or child who belongs to Jesus has equal worth in the church and has a unique contribution to make in serving God here. The Holy Spirit resides in us to give us a personal relationship with God.


We believe in the church as the living Body of Christ on earth. All true believers, whatever their church, location, or time in history, are members of the Universal or spiritual kingdom of God, the Church. A local church, like ours, is the building block of the Church Universal, like the nuclear family is to the human race. We are a committed community of believers made up of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. The church (on both levels) is a necessary part of healthy spiritual life because God made us for community as well as individuals.