PUrsuing God, In the Company of Friends, For the Benefit of the World

  • The kids in our church and community will experience the unconditional love and joy of Jesus in the family of God & will know and apply God's Word in their heart, mind and actions.

  • We will build authentic relationship with the youth of Orcas Island, while sharing the hope, unconditional love and life-changing power we have found in Jesus Christ, so they might discover and grow in the faith with us.

  • Our mission is to lovingly serve God and the women of this church and community, by praying, learning together, enjoying, caring for and serving one another. With Scripture as our guide, we desire to become more Christ-like. We seek to enable each woman to be known and loved and fulfilled in her calling as an individual, family member, and friend.

  • To encourage and equip men to become Christ-like servant leaders in the home, in the Church and in the community by learning, serving and fellowshipping/having fun together.

  • To create authentic communities of people that grow relationship with God and each other in a safe learning environment secured in prayer with love, accountability, acceptance, nurturing, respect, care and support for each individual. 

  • Elders

    Orcas Island Community Church is organized under Jesus Christ as Lord. In the Bible, our rule of faith and practice, we learn that Christ is the head of the church universal, the founder and the cornerstone, and the apostles and prophets are seen as the foundation of the universal church; elders are responsible for local church government. At OICC elders are elected by the membership and under Christ as the Head of the church and according to the bylaws have four major areas of responsibility: Devotion to prayer and the word, spiritual oversight of the congregation, general administrative oversight of the church, and active service in the church and community.

  • Recognizing that faith without works is dead (James 2:26), the caring ministry at OICC will plan and implement programs, systems and strategies by which the practical needs of our church community will be met. In this way we will seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, and demonstrate His Love In Action to our church and to our community.

  • To provide opportunities for OICC members and attenders to get better acquainted by exercising our gifts and calling of hospitality, through being with each other, meeting & greeting each other and eating together.

  • The Music Ministry will provide OICC with reverent, Christ centered, theologically well-grounded music, delivered skillfully for the purpose of glorifying God, and edifying the body of Christ. This will be accomplished through programs which identify, equip and utilize the musical skills of our people in unitive expression of diverse styles.

  • Visual Arts

    The Visual Arts Ministry will seek to enhance the worship space and other public areas at OICC through the visual arts in such a way as to reflect the character of God, the mission statement of our Church, and the various seasons of the church calendar. Thereby glorifying God, and edifying the body of Christ. The Visual Arts Ministry plans and implements the decoration of the sanctuary, foyer, outside entryway and Fireside Room. This ministry will also endeavor to elevate the place of the visual arts in worship, and identify, equip, utilize and encourage those who are gifted int his area. 

  • To maintain the church property inside and out by delegating work to members of the church as it deems appropriate; hiring work done as needed and provided for in the budget and advising the Board on major projects. 

  • To communicate in and to the Orcs Island Public an awareness of the Christian faith as practiced by our church, conveying it's reasonability and desirability; and to develop and offer a progressive path leading from disbelief to belief and from belief to the pursuit of God in the company of friends for the benefit of the world.

  • Global Outreach

    To Identify & support worthy off-island missions opportunities, Instilling in our church the sense of world responsibility; educating our people by exposure and teaching to the church around the world; encouraging and facilitating the calling of individuals in our church to missions; doing our part to support those whom God has called to occupational ministry in the Great Commission.

  • Finance

    To assure the responsible management of the church's funds. The committee accomplishes this by: Preparing accurate, timely financial reports for the elders; Overseeing the counting and depositing of church offerings, Conducting an annual review of church insurance policies; Advising the elders as requested during the annual budgeting process and formatting the final budget for management and reporting use; Ensuring the church’s legal and financial integrity; Overseeing planned giving such as wills, trusts; Overseeing the budget expenditures; Recommending financial policies to the elders and implementing church wide financial policies in conformity with the By-laws; Researching and proposing investment alternatives for church funds.

  • Prayer

    Recognizing that prayer is a privilege, a command, and an essential ministry in the church, the Prayer Ministry will increase the understanding of, dependence on and actual practice of prayer, and related spiritual disciplines (fasting, silence, historical prayer practices, solitude etc) amongst the worshipers at Orcas Island Community Church.

    We operate an e-mail prayer chain, and hold several annual prayer events.  

    To submit a prayer request: