Brian began serving on the pastoral staff in August of 2015. He is a graduate of Belmont University and Regent College. Prior to OICC, Brian was the Associate Pastor at Maple Valley Presbyterian Church in Maple Valley, WA. He has served on the board of CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts) and directed artist residencies as the Creative Director of By/For. Brian is a songwriter and worship leader and has released several CDs. One of his ongoing projects involves writing new songs inspired by the Psalms (check it out at Brian is married to Stephanie and has five children: Haley, Levi, Ethan, Isaac, and Ezra.



    Jon and his wife Sarah moved to Orcas in the summer of 2018 from Chicago to head up the middle and high school ministry. Born in San Diego, he graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a B.A. in Christian Ministries. Jon previously worked for six years at By The Hand Club For Kids, a Chicago based after-school program in some of the most under-resourced neighborhoods in Chicago.  He has held numerous random jobs, pursues a life long quest to learn new things, loves camping, a long list of nerdy things, connecting to God through nature, pouring into young people and his community and the most important show in television history; M*A*S*H. 



    Kimberley moved to Orcas Island with her family in 2019 from Orange County, California. With over 20 years of ministry experience, she has served in many capacities from ministerial to admin roles. Continuing her years of church ministry, she started at OICC as the Office Administrator. Now she is thrilled to be the Worship Leader and Kids Ministry Director. Kimberley has a passion for God’s people. From singing worship with the congregation, to loving on the little children, she delights in knowing others and sharing God’s love with them in tangible ways. Kimberley and her husband Shea have been married since 2004 and have three beautiful daughters, Vera, Isla, and Lana.



    Stephen Baker may not have been born in WA, but he lives and breathes island life. After moving to Orcas at age 3 and starting piano at age 5, he quickly discovered that he had a passion for music. Growing his repertoire into 12 different instruments (f you count 4 different saxophones), he cemented his love for worship starting at age 11, playing music throughout high school and college. Steve is excited to spread the joy of music in churches and other venues. He hopes he can bring his love for the Lord and music together in supporting Orcas Island Community Church in their future endeavors with Worship.



    Carol taught in private and public education for 32 years. She began her career teaching where she grew up in Big Bear Lake, California. She moved to San Diego where she mostly taught, except for a couple of years in Oregon and one in Columbia, South America. In 2005, Carol and her husband, Bogdan, purchased the Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast. It was a wonderful experience teaching me true hospitality and grace towards all people. After selling the bed and breakfast, Carol worked for the Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce. Her son, James, is an actor with a variety of experiences since he was 6 years old.



    Bogdan was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States when he was 7 years old. Growing up in New Jersey, he attended Rutgers University where he majored in Psychology. While working as a juvenile probation officer he earned a M.A. in Behavioral Sciences. He worked as a rehabilitation counselor for various companies and eventually became self-employed. Bogdan learned basic skills and work ethic helping his father do repairs and clean at the St. Joseph’s Polish American church and later in office buildings at night. Bogdan collaborated with contractors to make major renovations and learned to make small repairs when operating the Blue Heron B&B. He is close to his family living in Florida and New Jersey. He loves his wife, and his stepson, James, and loves helping. Bogdan’s vision for the church facilities is to help make them attractive, efficient, and user-friendly for everyone. 



    In Mississippi I worked as an offshore chef from 2009 to 2010, then attended electrical & truck driving school. I drove approximately 1/2 a year and was hired as an instructor for 3 years then changed occupations to become a supervisor over tree trimming crews for the power company. I moved to Florida in 2017 where I became a professional metal detector. In 2020 I married Sylvia and moved to Orcas and worked part time as a handyman because my main job became being a caregiver for her. Now she is cancer free and regaining her health so I applied for the part time position of custodian at OICC. OICC is a great place to work and I try my best to do the best job I can when I work.