severe weather Shelter

Remains Open this week: 2/24 & 25

The Severe Weather Shelter is open at 7pm on nights when temperature is below 32 degrees.

The Shelter provides a warm place to sleep on a cot with clean bedding.

Check-in is between 7-9PM and check-out is by 8AM.

Please check-in at the East side entrance of the Orcas Island Community Church basement.

Any late arrivals must be accompanied by law enforcement.

Shelter Hotline: 360-622-3266

Secondary Title

Severe Weather shelter

This year we are offering a $10/night incentive to signup in advance and will offer a $75/night stipend for those who serve on nights open.

Volunteer Signup

Shelter Hotline: 360-622-3266

The Severe Weather shelter provides a warm shelter for folks when temperatures go below 32 degrees. Come be our guest as we provide a safe and warm place to stay for the night, with clean blankets and a mat to sleep on. 

For more information, or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact

Ryan Carpenter